Living Room

The BLKest Friday 2019

Just an annual reminder to support Black people and communities while participating in The Capitalism this holiday season. Here is a list to get you started. These make great gifts! You can also make a donation in someone’s name at nonprofits listed here.

The Power Plate (spice blends, cookbooks, and private dining services)
Brass Cuisine (Houston-based, Louisiana-inspired spice blends)

Breanna J. McDaniel (and Shane W. Evans) – Hands Up!

Jamal Jones (editor) – Imagoes: A Queer Anthology
Kirwyn Sutherland – Jump Ship
Kwame Opoku-Duku – The Unbnd Verses
Noor Ibn Najam – Praise to Lesser Gods of Love

Jiréh Breon Holder – Too Heavy for Your Pocket
Donja R. Love – Sugar in Our Wounds
Charly Evon Simpson – Behind the Sheet
Jeff Augustin – Little Children Dream of God

Soof (neck ties, bow ties, and square pockets)

Scents and Skincare
Burinyuy (whipped shea butters, black soaps, and lotions)
Bomb’d Aesthetics (vegan, cruelty-free skincare products)
Crafted Charisma (soy candles and melts)
Hot Thang Candles (including Black Lives Matter, Trans is Beautiful, and LGBTQ Pride scents)
Perry Boyce (fragrances, scents, and gifts for the home)
Venus by Simone (Organic skincare and wellness and nutrition services)

THRIVE: Your 90 Day Manifestation Planner
MyTris Consulting (STEM career services)
Nicholas Nichols (photography services)

Hadiza. – Shadow Weight (there is an option to give digital copies as gifts)
Jerome Jennings – Solidarity

Black Arts Futures Fund
Project One Ten
Word Up Community Bookshop


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